Data for forecasting and evaluation

On this page, you can find influenza data for the United States that can be used to develop and evaluate predictive models. This includes current data that can be downloaded from CDC each week and historical data including data that was available during each epidemiological week from 2009/10 to 2014/15.

Current ILINet Data

Current data on the weekly proportion of people seeing their health care provider for influenza-like illness (ILI) is reported through the ILINet System for the United States and for each HHS health region. These data can be accessed directly from CDC. Alternatively the R package cdcfluview (available from CRAN) can be used to access the data.

To use this package, run the following code in R as an example:

usflu <- get_flu_data("national", "ilinet", years=1997:2015)
regionflu <- get_flu_data("HHS", sub_region=1:10, "ilinet", years=1997:2015)

Historical ILINet Data (2009/10 to 2014/15)

This dataset provides national and regional ILINet data that was available at any given week in previous influenza seasons. For example, data in the 2013/14 file with Release_Week = 1342 includes all data for the 2013/14 season that was available during at week 42 of that season.

Download 2009/10 Download 2010/11 Download 2011/12 Download 2012/13 Download 2013/14 Download 2014/15